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Why A2 Naturals?

Few Reasons Why People Choosing Us!

We as a Indian are graced with 5000 years legacy of Desi Cow Milk Which is Enrich source of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals. From 2018, We have started a Desi Cow Farms with Scientific approach like Balance Diet (Maize, Lentil, Wheat, Cotton Seed Cake, Azolla) and Natural Mineral mixture to improve/fulfil Milk Quality.

We offer Organic, Chemical free Products.

100% Pure, Adulteration-free A2 Milk

Lab-tested A2 Milk for quality assurance

Hygienic milk process ensure safety

Happy, Healthy, Stress-free Cows

Eco-friendly delivery in glass bottles

Easily Digestable for all ages, even for lactose intolerant

Fodder for Cows grown at the Farm

No Pesticides or Fertilizers to grow grass

No Hormone Injections given to Cows

A2 Naturals


A2 Naturals


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Our Products

Our Dairy Products For Healthy Living

A2 Naturals
Raw Gir Cow A2 Milk ₹90.00/L ₹120.00
A2 Naturals
Raw Buffalo A2 Milk ₹90.00/L ₹120.00
A2 Naturals
Gir A2 Ghee (Bilona Method) ₹2000/kg ₹3000

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Vikas Dixit



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